After Childbirth Testimonial

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Sex and intimacy are important aspects of human life and well-being. When we hear stories like this one, it makes us so proud that the Kegelmaster™ has helped so many women regain their sexual enjoyment after childbirth.

"I can remember being in tears after one particularly bad love-making session, when my husband quite bluntly told me he was incapable of orgasm because I was too large and there was no friction anymore. I just thought, ‘I’m only 35 and our sex life is over, where does this leave us?’ I could see no remedy for the problem. We had previously enjoyed sex but this was prior to childbirth – it just seemed like it would be all downhill from here. But all was not lost – after discovering the Kegelmaster™ I am pleased to announce that 3 weeks into using it, and only up to tension setting 3 (out of 15 settings) my husband asked me to stop squeezing him as I was ‘too tight’. I then relaxed and we had one of the best love-making sessions for a long time. He was incredulous at the difference, he thought all his Christmases had come at once and now just can’t get enough of me.”

Every Woman Deserves a Kegelmaster™