Resistance Vaginal Exerciser For Women

Doctor Recommended Pelvic Floor Strengthening Device for Urinary Stress Incontinence

The Kegelmaster™ offers vaginal muscle resistance training to increase pelvic floor strength, elasticity and endurance. Pelvic health is essential to sexual pleasure, good posture and life-long mobility.

A strong pelvic floor is the necessary component to overall fitness. Core strength is rooted in your pelvis. Using the Kegelmaster™ will improve the health and vitality of your entire being.

The Kegelmaster™ is an exercise device used to help women identify and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Easy to use and nothing to plug in, the Kegelmaster™ is ready when you are and provides muscular memory education that lasts a lifetime.

How to use the Kegelmaster™


The safety of our customers is of our utmost concern. When you purchase a Kegelmaster™, you know you are buying a safe, clean product that comes straight from our warehouse to you. Our product control and Return Policy is for our customers safety, as well as our employees. Please be diligent when purchasing any intimate product online. We suggest you purchase here directly from a company that does not allow returns for your health and safety.

Return Policy

For health reasons, Kegelmaster™ cannot be restocked. We cannot accept returns due to the nature of our product. Please consult with a medical professional before beginning any type of vaginal training or pelvic floor therapy.